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In the process of compiling, formatting, writing and updating, I don't create cookies. In truth I'm better at making the sort of cookie that you eat - which I've never actually tried since home economics at secondary school.

Consequently, I don't use cookies to monitor site usage, to improve the site or for any other purpose that other website-owners would use cookies for. I'll be honest, I wouldn't know how to.

The web pages are created using Corel Website Creator. In the process, the program generates 'scripts', to make things appear as they should in your browser. I then edit the material in Notepad (still the best text and code editor). In September 2018 when I upgraded the site to secure browsing - the web address now begins with 'https' - some of the scripts were changed, but this needed to be done as part of the upgrade. In short, if a website starts with 'https' and/or you can see a padlock-icon in your browser address bar (some browsers will display the word 'secure'), you can browse such sites - now including - safely and securely.

However, when visiting this website, depending on your settings your browser may create cookies with the rwsteeplechasing-bit in it. If it does, then they will stay on your computer when you leave the site after a session's browsing.

From time to time, you'll be wanting to clean up your cache, and get rid of cookies while you're about it. In this day and age I don't believe that anyone who uses the Internet wouldn't know how to do this, so what follows is just in case. I've put Internet Explorer and Google Chrome in the following lines simply because they are the browsers I'm most familiar with.

Internet Explorer
Click 'Tools', then 'Internet Options', then use the 'Browsing History' options.

Google Chrome
Click the button on the right that looks like three lines. When you mouseover it will say 'Customize and control Google Chrome'. Go to 'Settings', then 'Show advanced settings'.

There are options to view cookies from within Chrome. If you click 'Content settings', some cookie controlling-options will appear. If you click on 'All cookies and site data', you can view all cookies stored by websites browsed whilst using Chrome. There is a 'Remove All' button there too.

You also have the option, as you would expect, to clear everything through clicking on 'Clear browsing data'.

Other methods of surfing the Net are available
Other browsers are out there of course, so whatever you use to look at, the onus is on you as individuals to set your cookie settings as you want.

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